16th July 2007

Feng Shui, the Stock Market and You

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I attended an interesting talk by Hong Kong Feng buyviagra Shui Master Cialis online Raymond Lo 2 weeks ago. Feng Shui, literally translated as “Wind kamagra on line Water”, is buy cialis by the pill about Chinese Metaphysics.

Master Lo explained that the Stock Market is a reflection levitra costs buy levitra online of the collective mood of the people. It can be explained order acomplia that the stock market prices increase when the general public feels good, happy and optimistic. People are encouraged to buy into the market as there is a positive energy.

The opposite is true when people feel unhappy, buy ampicillin fearful or pessimistic. The negativity will put a “drag” in the mood of buying and can levitra buy online viagra viagra cheap levitra medication only mean a slow down or drop in the markets. Think about it, isn’t this just a manifestation by the cheap Buy Generic Viagra Tadacip canadian price diflucan pharmacy levitra buy viagra masses of how the market should buy cialis pharmacy perform?

And what affects proscar Kamagra Gold the mood of the people? One answer is Feng Shui.

The moods of people are affected by the cycles of the 5 elements (Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth), the periodical seasonal changes and Levitra Professional time cycles. Briefly, Spring and cheap levaquin prescription buy Without Prescription online Ampicillin Summer tend to be more energetic, whilst Autumn and Winter more lacklustre. There are also abnomalies amoxil online for years ending with “7″. Just look back 10 years buy levitra vardenafil ago in 1997. There is so much detail and I will get back to this topic later. It is mind boggling.

Right now, an important Viagra Professional date to remember is 7th buy generic viagra professional August Buy where Viagra Jelly to buy cialis without prescription Viagra online 2007. This is the start of Autumn on the Chinese calendar. We have seen a spectacular bull run in the stock market levitra online price for the 1st online amoxil half of this year, a continuation from last year. Using Buy cheap online Provigil Feng Shui’s cycles “reasoning”, Master buy amoxicillin no prescription viagra online Online Buy buy viagra online Levitra order levitra acomplia cheap Levitra buy href=”http://amoxil-cheap.net”>amoxicillin viagra sales “>cheapest nolvadex Lo predicts there will be major fluctuations from that day. Let us observe and see what Kamagra Gold Buy propecia online happens.

According generic buy real viagra without prescription | buy cialis fast shipping | low price levitra propecia to William cheap Drugstore Ampicillin buy online Gann (Gann’s Theory) - “The future is Buy Propecia Online Pharmacy No Prescription Needed just a repetition Levaquin Online of the past and one only needed the online buy buy real viagra without prescription cialis amoxil right generic tadalafil amoxil beginning to predict the future.”

Lawrence Ho
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