16th July 2007

Feng Shui, the Stock Market and You

I attended an interesting talk by Hong Kong Feng buyviagra Shui Master Cialis online Raymond Lo 2 weeks ago. Feng Shui, literally translated as “Wind kamagra on line Water”, is buy cialis by the pill about Chinese Metaphysics.

Master Lo explained that the Stock Market is a reflection levitra costs buy levitra online of the collective mood of the people. It can be explained order acomplia that the stock market prices increase when the general public feels good, happy and optimistic. People are encouraged to buy into the market as there is a positive energy.

The opposite is true when people feel unhappy, buy ampicillin fearful or pessimistic. The negativity will put a “drag” in the mood of buying and can levitra buy online viagra viagra cheap levitra medication only mean a slow down or drop in the markets. Think about it, isn’t this just a manifestation by the cheap Buy Generic Viagra Tadacip canadian price diflucan pharmacy levitra buy viagra masses of how the market should buy cialis pharmacy perform?
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